Matt + Lauren | Westminster Engagement Photography

 Freshman year, eight years ago, McDaniel College, same dorm…..That’s how Matt and Lauren met. A classic college romance that has stood the test of time and now these two will be getting married this September. I love it! I met up with Matt and Lauren back on campus for their engagement photos. They hadn’t been there for a few years (I mean who really wants to go back once you’ve graduated and paid your dues, right?). But I think it turned out to be a fun walk down memory lane plus it was a beautiful campus on a gorgeous evening. And they were pretty much adorable the whole time. Lauren has such a great laugh and they both were very comfortable just being themselves.  I enjoyed getting to know them better as we explored. Lauren is a high school English teacher and I’m pretty sure she rocks at her job and Matt has just transitioned to a new job because…why not? We had a great time and I love how their photos turned out. Can’t wait for the wedding this September!

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